We Still Like You!

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Do you have a story from your past that makes you feel weird? We Still Like You is a show centered around sharing those stories in the middle of an apartment whilst surrounded by friends and strangers. Featuring a lineup of some of Chicago’s best comedians, improvisers, storytellers, bartenders, etc., as well as stories from the audience, We Still Like You is all about sharing. Because if we’re all assholes, none of us are.

The stories told at WSLY involve conquering our embarrassment and shame. Every show is BYOB and free beer is always provided to the audience, so that while they sit or stand, crammed into the intimate atmosphere of a home, they can cheers each storyteller following the tale with a hearty, “WE STILL LIKE YOU!”

We Still Like You is based in Chicago, but also has a chapter in Los Angeles. WSLY has been featured show in The Green Gravel Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest, The Orlando Indie Comedy Festival, and Bird City Comedy Festival. WSLY has appeared in apartments, theaters, and backyards in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Lawrence, Austin, New Orleans, Portland, and more.

It’s also Chicago’s best and only show that doubles as a party. This show is 100% show and 100% party, and usually after around half a dozen or more stories have passed, and everyone has had a decent amount of booze, the show naturally transitions (or devolves) into a full-on party.

We Still Like You is the first Saturday of every month in Chicago. Look up “We Still Like You” on Facebook to learn the location (as it sometimes bounces around Chicago, just for fun), and to check if we’ll be in a city near you soon.

Splitsider covers us in “The Dark Side of Storytelling”

Check out what The Tribune had to say about us!

We were named one of the best standup shows to visit St. Louis of 2014!

Want to tell a story at We Still Like You?

Email us at westilllikeyou@gmail.com with a brief synopsis of your story and a little bit about yourself. It’s that easy! Or come to a live show and tell a story during the audience portion at the end.

And who are “us?” Or “we?”

The show is produced in Chicago by Tyler Snodgrass, Dan Sheehan, Danii Gallegos, J. Michael Osborne, and Shannon Noll. Andy Sell produces our Los Angeles chapter. Jesse Betend is our podcast producer. Sam Haas is our sound engineer.

Quick! What are a bunch of cool things I can expect to find at We Still Like You?

Free beer, the celebration and subsequent conquering of shame, unconditional friendship, possibly pizza, live art, really cool people, stories from comedians you won’t hear on stage normally, stories that will make you feel better about your own life, more beer, loud music, an uproarious good time, probably people making out at some point, possibly someone taking off their shirt, vulnerability, making new friends, more beer, and most other things you could want.

Do you guys have a podcast?

Yeah we do!! They are select storiesĀ from our live shows. Subscribe on iTunes!

Check out our cool posters!

You can take one of these beauties home in exchange for a donation of $5 or more!













Art by J. Michael Osbourne. Come join us on Feb 7th!

Art by J. Michael Osbourne. Come join us on Feb 7th!

Art by Alison Hixon

Art by Alison Hixon












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