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Hi, I’m Tyler Snodgrass. Snodgrass isn’t a made up last name, either.

Hi, this is Tyler. I am is a stand up comedian and writer. Fueled by dark beers and frequent embarrassment, I tell the true and vulnerable stories of his life on stage, mostly inspired by my Ozarkian roots. I’ve written for Yakov Smirnoff, I write for The Whiskey Journal, I am a co-creator of We Still Like You, and I co-host The Cool Dad Podcast. I have a good heart and an OK body.

I’ve worked with such comedians as Bo Burnham, Mike Birbiglia, Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black, and Yakov Smirnoff (as well as other cool folks with names). I’m also an experienced improviser. I’ve performed all over the country, and in Australia.

My comedic story-telling show, We Still Like You, is Chicago’s best (and possibly only) comedy show that is also a party. It takes place the first Saturday of every month. For more info, check out the We Still Like You tab above.



You can totally book me for your show, event, podcast, . To do this, email me some information about your event. Like, if you’re looking for a comedian/improviser for a banquet, club, bar, corporate event, or show of any kind, really. It already sounds like fun! (I also play banjo, if you’re looking for a personable musical guest who is a mediocre singer.)


Twitter: @TylerSnod



The Chicago Tribune calls We Still Like You a “rowdy, infectious good time” HERE.

The Chicagoist writes about my revisiting of the Christian heavy metal parody songs I wrote as a teenager, and then performed at Mortified HERE.

The Chicagoist recalls that time I did a show in a sex shop (“Performance Anxiety”) HERE.

The Chicago Tribune says I’m, “compelling and fun to watch”! Read the whole article HERE.

Top 10 Comics Bill Cruz wanted to F*** in 2013 (I’m #2). Read my objectification HERE.

417 Magazine selected me as one of the “20 under 30” in the Ozarks area for 2012. Read my interview HERE.


4 thoughts on “Bio & Contact

  1. Your granny introduced me to your blog. Enjoying tagging along with you on your trip. What an awesome experience. Have fun and be safe. Oh by the way it’s my bday. Love you, Auntie Nancy

  2. Honestly I am still laughing at all the clever names you have for roller derby! I stumbled upon you purely by accident while I was actually looking for clever saying to incorporate in my 6 year olds roller skating party. Boy am I glad I did! If your half as funny as this list of names I am and will be a big fan. I have a feeling I will be hearing way more about you in the future even up here in Calgary, Canada. Good luck keep it up and know that you have made me laugh whole heartedly! Keep it up!

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