A Fortnight From The Heart: The Finale

The day has finally come: Valentine’s Day. We’ve been celebrating or bemoaning love now for two weeks (or longer if your life is quite good, or extra miserable) with Power Ballads, Monster Ballads, and love songs fit for an arena.

Today, I have TWO songs for you, to help close out this holiday season:

Day 14 part 1: “Keep On Loving You” by REO Speedwagon

The song that put REO Speedwagon on the map, “Keep On Loving You” is one of the most emotional rock songs around. While easily mistaken for a “soft rock” song, I insist this song is pure Power Ballad. Though it was released in 1980, much earlier than pretty much any other Ballad on this list, making it arguably a Proto-Power Ballad. Unlike some of the songs on this list, this tune is one you’ll still hear on the radio, in movie soundtracks, and even in video games. My favorite fact about it is that it was released on the album Hi Infidelity, which is just one of the many silly titles REO has given their album titles.

Day 14 part 2: “Love Is Only A Feeling” by The Darkness

The Darkness is one of the few bands out there creating new hair metal and glam rock songs. And they are doing it well, too! They do it better than most of the groups that influenced them, if you ask me. Their first album is probably their greatest release to date (it happens…though Hot Cakes, their third LP, is also very good), and it contains the wonderful Power Ballad, “Love is Only A Feeling.” Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

See you next year for A Fortnight From The Heart.


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