A Fortnight From The Heart: Day 8

I’ll be sharing one of my favorite Power Ballads, each day on Facebook and on this blog, from now until February 14th. I think of these songs as the Valentine’s Day equivalent of Christmas Carols. I call it A Fortnight From The Heart.

Day 8: “Life Goes On” by Poison

Let’s get this out of the way: I don’t really like Poison. They’re probably the most overrated Hair Metal band. And I think the song “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” is absolute garbage. It’s not a good song or a good Power Ballad. The only people genuinely like that song are tasteless dummies and people who have slept with Bret Michaels (to the song’s credit, though, that is a lot of people).

Anyway, “Life Goes On” is actually pretty good. I think its a nice, straightforward Power Ballad, and features one of C.C.’s better solos. But to enjoy it, best not to think about the fact that it’s about one of C.C. DeVille’s girlfriends being shot and killed in a bar fight in Florida.


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