A Fortnight From The Heart: Day 6

I’ll be sharing one of my favorite Power Ballads, each day on Facebook and on this blog, from now until February 14th. I think of these songs as the Valentine’s Day equivalent of Christmas Carols. I call it A Fortnight From The Heart.

Day 6: “To Be With You” by Mr. Big

“Mr. Big” is one of my least favorite names for a metal band ever, and they were known more for Paul Gilbert’s shredding and Billy Sheehan’s virtuosic bass than for corny love songs, but “To Be With You,” a fun acoustic ballad, is still included on most Power Ballad compilations. What it lacks in drum fills and overdriven effects it more than makes up for in hand-claps, soothing background vocals, and sincere lyrics (ever had a crush on someone who has had their heart broken, and you know you can be the person to help them love again?—this is your song!).

If you’re into all that shredding and stuff though, check out most of Mr. Big’s other songs, or Paul Gilbert’s solo instrumental albums, like Get Out Of My Yard.


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