Fortnight Of The Heart: Day 3

I’ll be sharing one of my favorite Power Ballads, each day on Facebook and on this blog, from now until February 14th. I think of these songs as the Valentine’s Day equivalent of Christmas Carols. I call it A Fortnight From The Heart.

Day 3: “When I Look Into Your Eyes” by FireHouse

FireHouse made their hairy debut in 1990, releasing a self-titled album to critical acclaim, even though it’s hard to believe anyone was still into hair metal and Power Ballads after 1989. Well, FireHouse, despite being a band you never hear about anymore, were absolutely thriving. They even won the American Music Award in 1991 for Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock New Artist, beating out some little band called Nirvana.

FireHouse really dug their heels into the whole Power Ballads thing, but that style of music was very uncool in the US within a couple more years. “When I Look Into Your Eyes” comes from their second album, Hold Your Fire, and is less-represented than “Love Of A Lifetime” (which is also good). The States have largely forgotten their early 90s success and ignored their recent efforts, but Asia still loves the shit out of these guys.

The music video for “When I Look Into Your Eyes” is not very interesting, unfortunately. In fact, it reveals just how uninteresting it is by trying to hard to be interesting, employing nearly every lame early-90s video editing technique (choppy slo-mo, high-contrast black and white, awkward layering of a band member on top of a background of mystery…) while playing B-roll of pretty much nothing (hands on a piano, the fellas laughing while back stage, a band member jumping into a pool for some reason…). The song is better than the video, is basically what I’m saying.


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