A Fortnight From The Heart: Day 2

I’ll be sharing one of my favorite Power Ballads, each day on Facebook and on this blog, from now until February 14th. I think of these songs as the Valentine’s Day equivalent of Christmas Carols. I call it A Fortnight From The Heart.

Day 2: “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” by Starship

Not all Power Ballads are played by damp dudes in denim vests, and Starship delivers a very glammy number with “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us.”

Starship, the second sequel to iconic psychedelic band, Jefferson Airplane, formed out of the ashes of Jefferson Starship. With a shortened name and a few massive cornball hits under their belt (“We Built This City,” for example), they were ready to release an arena-worthy love song. And that’s where we get “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us,” a twinkling, Oscar-nominated (“Best Original Song” for the movie Mannequin) duet, with a chorus that is as inspiring as it is catchy. It also has a delightfully fun music video, which features mediocre lip syncing, and tells the story of a young man who is apparently being chased by the police for wanting to fuck a mannequin.


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