Southern Gothic: The Perfect Spooky Fall-time Music!

I recently came across a genre of music that has changed my fright-loving, Halloween-celebrating self forever: Southern Gothic. I knew of Southern Gothic as a genre of literature, but the musical genre evokes a spookier sensation, making it the perfect autumn-time music. The instruments’ tones are dreary, unsettling, even creepy. Themes often include death, desperation, ghosts, the devil, criminals, and most other basic horror movie premises. Songs are always either sung by a man who sounds like he’s currently being slowly tortured, or by a woman who is apparently the ghost of a child.

Christmas has its carols, and now fans of Halloween have their own seasonal songs with a whole catalog of eerie folk singers. I’ve taken the liberty of composing a list of what I find to be the best Southern Gothic songs out right now. Hope you enjoy!

  • “Never Learned To Cry” by Swamp Dad
  • “Curse of The Goat” by Junkyard Mayor
  • “Born A Dead Man” by Devil’s Tramp Stamp
  • “Fox Scream” by Screaming Fox
  • “Awful, Bad, Terrible, Bad Things” by The Poverty Brothers
  • “Tree of Skulls” by Cemetery Sisters
  • “Zero Days Without A Factory Accident” by Midwife Crisis
  • “(Every Single One Of Your) Teeth” by A Whole Buncha Graves
  • “There’s A Spooky River Floweth” by Whiskey Ribcage
  • “Watch Out For That River” by Johnny Stumps & The Uneducated
  • “Sinking In The River” by Jackrabbit Vagabond
  • “The Day I Drowned In That Damned River” by Walnut Hawkins
  • “Bones of Men And Smaller Men” by Musky Murder Boys
  • “Betrayal In D Minor” by Possum Brunch
  • “A Shitload Of Crows” by Hex Girlfriends
  • “I’ve Never Met A Child” by The True Detective Theme Songs
  • “I Married A Ghost” by Gravel Rhodes
  • “Satan Blood Whiskey” by Hayride Holocaust
  • “Behind Those Spooky Eyes” by Murder By Homicide
  • “The Vulture That Took My Son” by Lower Delta Shitshow
  • “My Dog is Scared of The Moon” by Scary Terry & The Future Ex Husbands
  • “Haunted Church Pews” by Bilgewater Broth Soup
  • “Tubthumpin’ (Southern Gothic Remix)” by Chumbawumba

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