Cool Dad Podcast Episodes 7 and 8, And COOL DADS LIVE!

Cool stuff is happening in the Cool Dad universe! First of all, we have TWO new episodes for you (available on Sound Cloud and on iTunes)–the first features an interview with Joe Kwaczala, the host of Chicago’s best late night talk show, The Late Live Show. Since running the successful show in Chicago for several seasons at such venues as The Den Theatre and iO Chicago, Joe has become a producer of The Wheel Show at the Nerdist Theater in LA. And you’ll never believe this, but his DAD* WAS THERE TOO!

Episode 8 features a co-creator of We Still Like You, Chicago’s best and only story-telling show that is also a house party, Danii Gallegos. Right before she heads to Austin, TX, to start some new comedy- and non-comedy-related projects, we managed to sit down and have a chat with one of our best friends. And CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? HER REAL DAD** DROPPED IN!

One final Cool Dad Podcast promotion: Dan and I are excited to announce that we’ll be doing our first ever COOL DADS LIVE–a live version of the Cool Dad Podcast–at The Hungry Brain in Chicago this upcoming Thursday at 9:00 PM. It’s free and it’s going to be super fun. It will feature an interview with Marty DeRosa, one of Chicago’s best comics. He’s a producer of Chicago’s best standup showcase, Comedians You Should Know, and host of the incredible podcast, Wrestling With Depression. Don’t miss this!!

Art by Rudy Schulz

Art by Rudy Schulz

*John Eisenrich, one of the best character actors and funniest people in Chicago.

**Tom Wisdom, a darling standup comedian and one of everyone’s best friends.


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