My Friends Do Cool Things (Part 2)

Throughout my short career I’ve been lucky enough to work with and meet some great comics who are also incredibly creative writers and producers. This certainly isn’t a complete list by any means, but I’d like to throw some love to some of the projects of my very talented friends.

Why not kick off the list with a non-comedian? Though he’s not usually on camera–rather, he’s typically behind the camera–Evan Brace is one of the funniest people I’ve met. Also, he’s one of the most talented. Writer, director, cinematographer, editor, great hair-haver… Evan’s talent dwarfs that of most. Check out this crazygood music video he did for Phantogram’s “Black Out Days.”

Evan is also the star of a little Dierks Bentley music video that some friends and I are also in (though, we are only in it very briefly).

Check out all of Evan’s great work on his website.


One of the projects I’m especially thrilled about is comedian Dave Losso’sFort-y Days and Fort-y Nights,” which is a comedic/therapeutic experiment that sees Dave reacting to his own serious breakup (that actually happened) by turning his living room into a blanket fort and living in it for 40 days. He’s kept especially busy on this project, creating content and interviewing comedians and other people of interest about their own breakups. A lot of my hilarious/heartbroken friends have been interviewed in Dave’s fort, and I’ve been lucky enough to sit down with Dave to discuss “the big breakup” (you know, that one that makes you reevaluate your life and stuff).


One of the first people I met when I moved to Chicago is the hilarious Timmy Brochu. He just released his debut album, Xanadu. And it’s really great, which makes sense, because Timmy is really great. Listen to it/buy it on band camp!


If you’re involved with the Chicago comedy scene at all, you probably are very aware of The Whiskey Journal, a wonderful satirical online newspaper headed by Kyle Scanlan. If you aren’t familiar yet with TWJ, then do yourself a favor and go check it out! I have several really talented friends that write these brilliant nuggets of near-journalism.

Here’s just one of the great headlines you’ll find there: Fetus Arrested For Stealing Mother’s Nutrients


The first job I ever wanted was to be a cartoonist. I never really followed through on that childhood dream so I’m always very excited to learn of my visually-skilled friends. One of them is actor/improviser Alison Hixon. Check out her art project, SheSaid Illustrations on Facebook.




Chandler Reed is another multi-threat (I would say “triple threat,” but I think he’s got more talent to threaten with). Not only is Chandler a great musician and songwriter (you can hear him with the band The Midwest Indies), he also is a graphic designer. I was stoked when he agreed to design the flyer for my upcoming tour (The Missouri World Tour), and I suggest you check out some of his other work HERE.

A new design for one of my favorite all-time books. Chan has good taste.

A new design for one of my favorite all-time books. Chan has good taste.


Finally, a group of my friends are putting together a comedy festival in Chicago. I don’t even understand the kind of responsibility and general tremendousness it takes to make something like The Comedy Exposition. As of now there is still time to submit to the festival and/or donate to the kickstarter (and I suggest you do!). If nothing else, make sure you give Katie McVay, Stephanie Hasz, Matt Byrne, Zach Peterson, and Goodrich Gevaart each a high five…though, they’ll like you more if you help fund the thing and also attend it this summer.


This isn’t the end of my extra-talented friends, so expect another one of these in the future.


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