My Friends Do Cool Things (part 1)

Throughout my short career I’ve been lucky enough to work with and meet some great comics who are also incredibly creative writers and producers. This certainly isn’t a complete list by any means, but I’d like to throw some love to some of the outside-of-standup projects of my comic friends.

Why not start with some name-dropping? I worked with famous Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff back in Missouri, before his move to LA and my move to Chicago in the summer of 2013. Yakov is getting around to doing podcasts (FINALLY!), which is wonderful because he’s got some incredible stories to tell and some very interesting philosophies on comedy, relationships, and love. Check out his interview with Marc Maron on WTF Podcast HERE.


My friend and mentor, Jeff Houghton manages a pretty great blog (when he’s not performing improv or writing and starring in his own television show, The Mystery Hour). He’s recently accused Jimmy Kimmel of stealing one of his bits. GET IN ON THE CONTROVERSY!

Chicago comedian Nathyn Gibson runs a super cool review/non-fiction website called This website also accepts submissions, so your writing could be featured on NerdStew! If you’re into that sorta thing. One example of great writing is a heartfelt review of the album Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen, by my friend Zach Peterson. (This is also the album that got me into Springsteen, and was recommended by Zach, actually.) is run by none other than Kris McDermott, a writer and comedian in Chicago (she’s also a producer of Queer Comedy at Zanies comedy club, so that’s pretty cool). She has a series of interviews called “Hey Can I Bother You?” which I highly recommend if you’re into reading about comics talking about themselves, comedy, and stuff (because I am, for sure). Her most recent one is with the hilarious Alex Stone.

A group of funny Chicago folks (Sam Ash McHale, Mikey Manker, James Webb, Cole Moser), through a series of rapid online interactions, wound up creating one of the silliest and snarkiest tumblrs around: Muscular Face. (The url is So if you want to see overly-confident Tinder bros trolling for tail with a schnoz ‘shopped on their stomachs, this is the blog for you.



Speaking of Tinder! My hilarious friend Dan Sheehan has his own blog, which features screenshots of his failed attempts to woo women while using the unsanctified hook-up app. I Suck At Tinder has been blowing up around the internet, so if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out right now!



My helplessly single friend was recently on comedian Dan Friesen’s podcast, “Friesen Point.” It’s a super podcast featuring interesting and funny conversations with Chicago comics each time. Check out all of Dan Friesen’s collected online works, including an on-going tournament to determine the best side dish at (Bonus plugs: Dan Sheehan is a co-producer of We Still Like You, a story-telling show, along with me and Danii Gallegos. He talks about it on the podcast. Also, Dan Friesen was on our first show last week, and was really, really funny.)

Finally (for now–I’ll have to write another one of these blogs soon because I know too many people doing cool stuff), I have to mention Ian Abramson’s most recent project: a Court Case for a Young Comedian. Mr. Abramson will be defending a young man, an amateur comedian, who either killed or bombed while performing recently. Either way, he’s being tried for murder. Here, Ian explains it better in this video:

(Warning: by watching this video, you WILL be summoned for jury duty)

Thanks for reading; go love my friends.


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