My Comedy Credits

Often when a stand-up showcase announces its lineup, the show’s producers typically like to list the current or most prestigious credits of their performers, in order to legitimize their pickings and entice the potential audience. This credit might be a showcase the comedian produces, an open mic he or she runs, or a festival he or she has been involved with.

I don’t currently produce a show or run a mic in Chicago, so if I have a credit mentioned it is usually a little different. For example, “Writer for Yakov Smirnoff” or “No longer an English teacher.” My most recent comedy accomplishment, though, is landing the #2 spot on Chicago Comedy veteran Bill Cruz’s top 10 comics he wanted to obscenity in 2013.

These credits are a little non-traditional, though, so to give show producers more options, I’ve provided a fairly complete list of my “credits” here on this blog:

  • 4th Place in Lincoln Douglas Debate, Joplin High School, 2006
  • Appears in a Dierks Bentley music video if you look really closely.
  • Sometimes tells an unreasonable amount of puns in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Once opened for Bo Burnham to a sold out college crowd. Bo told the audience, “I have a girlfriend, so no one can have sex with me after the show. So have sex with Tyler instead.” No one had sex with Tyler.
  • Once while driving Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black to their hotel, Michael Showalter yelled at Tyler that he was a “terrible driver.”
  • Five-time McSweeney’s rejectee.
  • Chicago Comedy’s Super Smash Brothers (N64) tournament champion.
  • David Sedaris once autographed something for him with the message, “Oh Tyler, why are you so gay? -DS”
  • Has never appeared threatening.


Hopefully these prestigious credits will appeal to bookers and audiences alike. They’ll at least have to do until after this Saturday, which is when I’ll be producing my first show in Chicago. It’s a story-telling show/weird party called “We Still Like You.” Comics, improvisers, and normal folks tell their most haunting and embarrassing stories to an intimate audience of friends and strangers (or as I call them, future-friends) in a cool apartment on a street called Bittersweet, which fits a little too perfectly. My co-producers and I plan to make this a monthly shindig–more info soon!


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