The Importance of Being Ernest

This Sunday I’m going to be on one of my favorite shows in Chicago: Arguments and Grievances, a comedy debate show.

Two comedians will give speeches and improvised rebuttals in order to debate massively important or completely trivial, yet somewhat related topics, like “Batman vs Spider-man,” “Dr. Dre vs Dr. Seuss,” “Space Exploration vs Deep Sea Exploration,” and “Skateboarding vs Waterboarding.” It’s an amazing show.

And it’s also an amazing podcast, which you can (and should!) listen to HERE.

If you’re free (and in Chicago) on Sunday, January 5th, come to Schuba’s Tavern at 8:00 for a series of free debates. I’ll be defending my hero, Ernest Hemingway (whom I write about often on this blog) against Ernest P. Worrell (as in, the Ernest from the Ernest movies). It’s an Ernest-off, and I’ll be debating my hilarious friend Tyler Jackson, so it’s kind of a Tyler-off, too.

If you’re not free this Sunday in Chicago, the show takes place every first Sunday of the month. Or maybe you can catch them on the road sometime, as that sometimes happens.

Facebook event HERE.



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