37 More Roller Derby Names That Are Puns

With nearly 200 Roller Derby Names already written for this blog, here’s 37 more for you. You’re welcome/I’m sorry.


  • Chokehontas
  • Kanye Breast
  • Pervert Hoover
  • Rahl Doll
  • Ruthless Bader Ginsberg
  • Bill Hater
  • Tina Fray
  • Maims Gandalfini
  • Tom Bruise
  • JD Challenger
  • Darth Brooks
  • Gravis Staples
  • Chubby Check Her Out
  • Smack Nicholson
  • Skatey Holmes
  • Cocratease
  • Murder by Beth
  • Bloody Holly
  • Scariet Tubman
  • Grave Chapelle
  • Sufjam Stevens
  • Ariana Roughington
  • Taran Kill-Em
  • Slay Charles
  • Queef Richards
  • Mindy Killing
  • Tila Tequila Mockingbird
  • Polygonorhea (“she’s really into geometry, and she’s just riddled with STD’s!”)
  • Michael J Foxxy
  • Scruff McMuff
  • Beat Rose
  • Pain Goodall
  • Marie Fury
  • Charlie “Kick the” Bucket
  • Veruca Assault
  • Violent Beauregarde
  • Laura Darn

(PS- This is fun: my Roller Derby Names are occasionally being featured on the iO Watercooler page (that’s the website for Improv Olympic alumni).)

(PPS- As always, it is entirely possible these names already exist somewhere. You’ll have to trust me that I write these awful, awful puns as they come to me and I’m not cheating by randomly selecting already-invented names from the international Roller Derby Name Database like some sort of Shia LaBeouf.)


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