I’m on “The Blackout Diaries” Today

I realize I’m posting this with less than 24 hours left before the show starts, but I couldn’t just let this show sit only on the sidelines of my blog page. So. I’m on The Blackout Diaries tonight at 8:00pm at The Lincoln Lodge, which is the nation’s longest-running independent comedy showcase.


Hosted by Sean Flannery (a comedian I first learned of, pre-moving to Chicago, through a hilarious live episode of You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes), The Blackout Diaries is a show where comedians and “regular people” come together to tell their craziest drinking stories (and occasionally just crazy stories without drinking), followed by an audience Q and A. I’ve been two a few of these shows already, and they are hilarious, so I’m incredibly honored and excited and nervous to tell my own story.

What I’m telling, it’s a story I’ve never told on stage, or completely in writing before, and I don’t want to spoil too much in case you decide to come and watch the show, or in case my story winds up on The Blackout Diaries’ podcast later (PS- check out their podcast). But I can tell you it starts with the time Scott and I ran out of gas in the Outback, and also involves that time (the next day) when we were temporarily homeless in the Outback city of Alice Springs.

Here’s a quick sample of some multimedia I’ll show at the live story-telling:

Lincoln Lodge at 8:00pm, Saturday December 7th
Get tickets here!


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