How to say the Greek Alphabet

Today was “Frat Day” for spirit week at the school where I teach English. I wore a polo with a popped collar and a student ID that said “Broseph” and that I was of the Psi Phi Chi fraternity. The concept of a fraternity was lost on most of my students, unfortunately, as was the idea of a “frat guy” (“you look like a golfer”). The Greek letters really confused them, which made me want to look deeper into the Greek alphabet. I knew almost nothing about it–what the letters were, the order they went in, or anything else.

After intensely studying the Greek Alphabet, I have created this handy guide for anyone else who knew as little as I did.

A – alpha
B – beta
C – cheta
Γ – gamma
r – radiation
Δ – delta
D – triangle
E – epsilon
Z – zeta
F – feta
H – eta
Θ – theta
I – iota (mostly used when angry, as a vague threat, i.e. “Why iota…”)
K – kappa
Λ – lamb duh
M – moo
N – knew
Ξ – xi
O – omicron
P – persei
8 – eight
Π – 3.14…
Σ – sigma
T – tau
Υ – yuppy salon
Φ – phi
X – hugs
Ψ – psi (can also be referred to as “trident” or “tiny Chanukah”)
Ω – omega


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