Alternate Titles for “The Amazing Spider-man”

  • Everything Bad is Peter Parker’s Fault
  • Old People Play High Schoolers, Plus Some Stuff About A Man with Spider Powers
  • Peter Parker Cries Like Six Times
  • Dennis Leary Looks A Lot Like Willem Dafoe, Actually
  • Too-Friendly New York City Crane Operators Help Ruin Your Suspension of Disbelief (Even in a Movie About A Lizard Man Fighting a Spider Man)
  • A Romance Between Emma Stone and A Guy Who Awkwardly Laughs In Her Presence
  • All Car Thieves Look Like Chad Kroeger
  • Unlocking Potential Through a Skateboarding Montage
  • Lizards Are Invincible
  • Teenage Student Easily Solves Giant Scientific Conundrum, Nearly Ruins New York City
  • No, Seriously, Peter Parker Cries So Many Times

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