Some Wacky Morning DJs I Would Totally Listen To

Like most people, I hate the radio. The music, the commercials, the DJs. And the silly-voiced, sillier-named morning disc jockeys seem to be the most obnoxious thing in media between 6 and 10 AM. But there is a certain level of campiness most morning DJ duos lack, which is unfortunate because I’d totally listen to outrageously campy radio hosts. Like, I’d listen to a “It’s Mornings With!…”-type show with the following fictional camped-up duos.

  • Homeless Jerry and the Tattooed Bandit!
  • Premature Birth Terrance and The Waistband!
  • Sheepish Jack and The Elderly Child!
  • Triple Nipple and Dave!
  • DJ Powersource and Collin who used to be gay!
  • Mister Loose Skin and Celsius!
  • Antigravity Doug and Double-Shot Mufasa!
  • Dingo and The Boneless Stepdad!
  • Third Wheel Leslie and Fat Dallas!
  • Buffalo Dynamite and The Pillow Man!
  • Mouth-Breathin’ Joe and His Ex!
  • Spanktooth and Justice!
  • No-Nose Ferguson and The Off-Duty Cop!
  • Big Easy Brad and A Mirror!
  • The Dream Catcher and Shunk!
  • Patrick The Goose and Leviticus!
  • Sunrisey Dan and The Possessed!
  • Captain Bedbugs and Mordecai The Anonymous!
  • Country Mouse and The Racist!
  • Nocturnal Ned and The National Debt!
  • Blue Sherpa and The Big Gaping Hole!
  • “Has A Face For Radio” Zach and “Even Uglier” Zach!

5 thoughts on “Some Wacky Morning DJs I Would Totally Listen To

  1. Will your DJs say something unfunny in a funny voice and then have the other less-funny people who are hanging out in the studio erupt into non-stop bursts of laughter for the whole four hours while playing ten second clips of popular songs which act as segues between low-brow, hateful stand-up routines? Because that would be the best.

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