Staying Positive with Craig Finn

The title of my last blog, Ya Gotta Stay Positive, the story of running out of gas in the Outback, is intended to be a reference to The Hold Steady song and album called Stay Positive. Before I write the companion piece to that story–more about Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback itself–I decided to share a piece of a quote from The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn while on the WTF podcast with Marc Maron.

MM: “When you titled an album Stay Positive, where did that come from?”

CF: “There’s a weird dark humor in that for some reason. You know? When do you say ‘stay positive’? When things are going awesome? Probably not. It’s like, ‘Come on, let’s stay positive here’”…I do try to find optimism and positivity. I think that’s something I strive for…[it’s about] embracing the struggle. Saying, ‘Like man, this is gonna be hard, this is probably gonna suck.’ But then you really enjoy those nice moments you find in the middle…I feel like it’s gonna be OK, even though it’s not all good.”


The journey halfway around Australia is over–Scott and I arrived home this afternoon by a train from Adelaide, and I’ll continue to post all the stories as soon as I can. Thank you so much for reading, for the support and the feedback, as I practice trying to be a better storyteller and practice having better stories to tell.


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