What I Think I Know About Australia part 2

Now that I’ve been living “down under” for around 48 hours, it is time I updated my list of things [I think] I know about Australia. I think I’ve learned a lot since barely being able to enter the country two days ago, and I’ll continue my list of [possible] facts:

  • Everyone is the descendent of a criminal.
  • Pubs and bars are called “hotels.” But don’t be confused–you probably cannot sleep there.
  • Sometimes I hear a person speaking with an Australian accent and for the first several seconds I think they are just speaking a different language entirely.
  • Going to Australia is an air-tight excuse to get out of going to weddings back home.
  • The libraries are awesome. They look how my house looks like when I have a really good daytime nap dream. 
  • Birds we would consider exotic in our American zoos are just pests in Australia.
  • Their electrical outlets look like sad versions of American electrical outlets.

  • And, somehow, this is an advertisement for passport photos.


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