27 More Roller Derby Names that are Puns

I have been saving some more Roller Derby Names since my last post of this variety last December. After already writing a groan-worthy 150ish of them, here are a few more.

  1. Dawn Johnson
  2. Snow Skeeze (the skeezy one who vacations in the mountains)
  3. Judge Dreadlock
  4. Been Her (Post op)
  5. Cleopetra
  6. Bruise Wayne
  7. Jabba the Slut
  8. Tim I’d Deck Her
  9. Double Ent-Andrea
  10. Deadie Murphy
  11. Ben Scolds
  12. Danielle Rad Cliff (hip rock climber)
  13. Jam Croce
  14. Adolf Hit Her
  15. Patty Whack
  16. Yogi Bare (nudist)
  17. Murphy Frown
  18. Fishnetflix
  19. Crabby Patty
  20. TS Helliot
  21. Kurt Wrestle and…
  22. Hurt Russell (the twins who are really into Kurt Russell)
  23. Pama Granite
  24. Michael Ian Black Eye
  25. Captain Hookah (she’s really into hookahs)
  26. Betty Poop
  27. Clay Achin’

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