Some Six-Word Memoirs from Anonymous Students

Legend has it that while Ernest Hemingway was saving soldiers, having affairs, hunting lions, hunting elephants, hunting marlins, hunting Nazis, hunting alcohol, being exiled by Castro, surviving plane crashes, surviving anthrax, and having more affairs, some of his colleagues challenged him to write a story using only six words. Hemingway is said to have came up with the following: “For sale: baby shoes, never used*.”

While my juniors study Hemingway and navigate his excellently and concisely composed novella, The Old Man and The Sea (a title, not another six-word memoir), and explore his “iceberg principle” and how to say more using less, I decided to have them write some six-word memoirs themselves. This was just for fun, but I found some ones that really struck me and I decided to feature them here.

Headphones at school. I learned half.

I guess I wasn’t white enough.

Fighting in war, be back soon.

If nice, then girls wont date.

Mother loves, but is always unsatisfied.

Snitches get stitches, lie in ditches.

Eight o’clock? Worst idea ever, school.

Texting while driving kills my friends.

Love is blind, but neighbors aren’t.


*Some sources will say “worn.”



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