Some Childish Gambino Stuff You May Want to be Aware Of, Too

So, I wrote this post, which was really just a collection of some semi obscure Childish Gambino videos. Since then, I’ve had several people send me other awesome Donald Glover/Childish Gambino videos. Even though I don’t have as many new videos as the first post, here are some more videos of intense rap quality–stuff you wont find on his albums, or just by doing a basic search (err…pretty much).

This is the video for a brand new song called “Giants” by Josh Osho, a singer from South London. Childish Gambino has a featured rap, and he kills it. Something interesting about this rap: it’s clean! (But be aware–the rest of these are dirty!)

This video is just an audio track from the radio show “Sway In The Morning.” Childish Gambino is featured on the rap segment, “Five Fingers of Death,” where a rapper has to freestyle over five different tracks, each track being of a different genre or style of music. It’s real good.

Apparently Donald Glover has a brother named Stephen Glover (not to be confused with the famous journalist, or Steve-O, both of whom share the name), and he raps, too! My improviser friend sent me this video of Glover and Glover “rap battling” at a party.

This last video is not obscure, but it is awesome, so maybe you’ve heard it before. It is Gambi’s remix of Kanye West’s “All of the Lights,” it is called “Break,” and it is actually one of the songs that made me start to become obsessed with Gambino’s wordplay and use of allusions (what other rapper references Huey Lewis, The Smurfs, and John Wayne Gacy while rapping real lyrics!).

Until I find more videos. Or find something else to blog about…


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