Some Childish Gambino Stuff You May Like to be Aware Of

If you hang out with me even a little, I’ve probably confused you or annoyed you with blabbering praise about the comedic and brilliant rapper, Childish Gambino, AKA Donald Glover, that “black guy” from “Community,” who also does pretty good stand-up, and was in those DERRICK sketches like “Bro Rape,” which your more internet-y friends may have showed you in high school. If you are already a fan of Childish Gambino (and you should be), this is the post for you. This is my attempt at gathering some of the newer or more obscure Childish Gambino tracks, and putting them all in one place: my rarely visited or updated blog. Convenient for all!

Before I begin, if you are unfamiliar with “D-Money,” check out this brief history of Donald Glover I wrote to get all caught up and become an instant fan of his simile-riddled “black rock.”

Here is CG’s newest song (which mentions his new nickname, D-Money), “Eat Your Vegetables.” It is the first track to be released from his upcoming mixtape (just titled Mixtape as far as I know). The sound is very different from his previous LPs and EPs–less like indie rock-ish rap. Also, he samples the aquatic level theme from Donkey Kong Country for SNES (so nerdy, so awesome, even though those levels are miserable without Engarde. Anyway…). This song is also notable for making (what many have called) a tasteless reference to the Trayvon Martin killing. (WARNING: THIS SONG IS DIRTY. ALL OF THESE SONGS ARE DIRTY.)

Another newish song, this time by Ludovin, aka Ludwig Goransson, who produced Childish Gambino’s newest LP, Camp. You may remember Gambino’s reference to him in the lyrics of “Bonfire.” Anyway, Glover has a verse on this song.

Here’s a newer Childish Gambino song from a mixtape called “This Way Up” by DJ SoSuperSam. It is over Hudson Mohawke’s “Twistclip Loop.”

If you have a spare 8 minutes, I love this video, and you will too. This is some behind the scenes of Gambino’s tour in Paris, and there is a really sick freestyle with an insane audience.

Childish Gambino rapping (freestyling?) on SBTV. The video says the rap is called “Ima Boss.”

Troy Barnes rapping with Abed about Christmas/being a Jehovah’s Witness on “Community.” You’ve hopefully already seen this if you are a Donald Glover fan, because this whole anti-Glee Christmas musical episode was incredible.

Childish Gambino promoting his tour and freestyling on BET. The quality of the video is really awful, though.

A hilariously awkward interview between Donald Glover and Childish Gambino. Donald Glover is kind of a jerk, too.

Donald Glover wrote for “30 Rock,” so it only makes sense that he would be featured in a cartoon “30 Rock” webisode in which he raps over the “Knight Rider” theme song (right?). I had trouble getting this to embed properly, but here is the link to hulu where you can watch it!

I’m sure there are some awesome and obscure freestyles and songs that I’m missing from this, but these are some videos I’ve found and really enjoyed that thought were worth sharing. Maybe I’ll have a part two to this blog sometime. Probably so–Donald Glover basically doesn’t sleep.


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