Unnecessary Movie Reviews: The Saw Series

No one really needs to see any Saw movie other than Saw (the original), or maybe Saw II, if you really, really liked the first one. After that, they just get more and more ridiculous, but they don’t necessarily get worse and worse. There are currently seven (yes, seven) Saw movies, and ranking them from best to worst would be something totally unnecessary because I can’t imagine a person outside of myself who would even care or think up such a list, but I’m going to do it anyway.

The Saw series, in order from best to worst, with a brief explanation as to why.

1. Saw–because it has the most solid plot, isn’t actually gory (unlike its sequels), is actually suspenseful, and has Danny Glover and Cary Elwes.

2. Saw II–because it is the second least worst.

3. Saw IV–because if you’ve seen Saw III, then the twist is really good. Also, DONNY WAHLBERG’S HEAD EXPLODES BETWEEN TWO BLOCKS OF ICE.

4. Saw 3D (VII)–You can take comfort in knowing they wont be making any others. Also, hilarious gore. Also, the return of Cary Elwes, after ALL THESE YEARS! (Oh, and that’s a spoiler right there)

5. Saw III–it doesn’t even align with the original concepts and rationales for the traps, which were established in the first two movies. Things were getting too elaborate, it was no longer even close to realistic. Weak twist. Just lousy.

6. Saw VI–Hilariously bad traps, and the whole thing is some sort of lame comment on the state of health care in America.

7. Saw V–Basically, everybody dies because they didn’t work together. C’mon, Jigsaw.


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