34 More Roller Derby Names (that are puns)

It has been a while since I’ve posted a new list of Roller Derby Pun Names. I blame this on time spent teaching children to appreciate, analyze, and understand literature and writing, as well as writing nonfiction articles, and raps (also, I’ve already written 111 of these!). But the puns are back and if you were thirsting for them, the pun-cun runneth over, so come take a drink.

  1. Andy Jamberg
  2. The Separation of Church and Skate
  3. Don Quix Hottie
  4. Natalie Angrier
  5. Nido Queen Latifa
  6. Guillotina Fey
  7. Wander Woman (the one without any life direction)
  8. Jam Beasley
  9. Herstory
  10. Skater? I Barely Know Her!
  11. Roller Brown Derby (the alcoholic one)
  12. Flabbigail Williams
  13. Sufjam Stevens
  14. Sarah Impailin’
  15. Joan of Arcade (the nerdy one)
  16. Ashton Butcher
  17. The Dismemberists
  18. Dr. Steve Cruel (for your not-health)
  19. Slipster (the clumsy, hipster one)
  20. Jon H.A.M.
  21. Grave Matthews
  22. David Owie
  23. Huey Lewis and the Bruise
  24. Racin’ette
  25. Stun DMC
  26. The Invention of Huge-o Cabaret
  27. No White (the goth one)
  28. Rosie the Pivotter (she takes really sharp turns!)
  29. T-Wrecks
  30. ChewBecka (her name is Becka. And she is pretty hairy)
  31. Deadgar Allen Poe
  32. Gary Larceny
  33. Childish Jambino
  34. Arthur Killer


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