Things Mark Twain Never Said

A few days ago Google let everybody know that it was Mark Twain’s 176th birthday with a specially illustrated logo on its homepage. Many Facebookers and tweeters were then inspired to post their favorite Mark Twain quote after Googling “Mark Twain Quotes.” Through one of my favorite author’s twitter pages, I found this link: 10 Things Mark Twain Didn’t Really Say. I read through it and I thought it was pretty interesting that we’ve associated Twain with so many famous phrases that don’t belong to him.

And this got me thinking about other things Mark Twain never said. Twain had one of the most intelligent, creative, clever, and dry minds that ever put thoughts on paper, and I think we should really appreciate that he never said any of the following things.

  • That’s gay.
  • OMG
  • Wanna hear a racist joke? (Followed, of course, by looking around the room)
  • Ugh, this iPhone is going so slow!
  • IDK
  • That sucks.
  • k.
  • Baby-daddy/baby-momma
  • :) (or any other emoticon)

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