Hipster Animals

One of my favorite single-serving blog sites is Hipster Animals, where graphic artist Dyna Moe illustrates surprisingly relatable and the mind-blowingly specific types of hipsters that exist in the world…but as animals. Brilliant.

Usually these illustrations have captions which explain and/or describe the hipster, like “Independent Bookstore Reshelver,” “Craft Beer Snob,” or “Multimedia Narcissist.” You get it.

The newest illustration lacks a caption and instead says this: “You tell me. Reblog this with your label/occupation for this animal. I’ll pick the best one next week and rename it with a link to your tumblr.”

So I’m thinking of submitting an idea. This buffalo hipster has some pretty subtle qualities, which when combined actually justify labeling him a hipster. I’ve spent a few minutes thinking about it and here is my submission:

Supercilious Creative Writing Major.

(or, as an afterthought, it could be Journalism Student Bitterly Watching Happy Couples. Or, Waiting In Line For Coffee Behind a Coffee Shop Amateur.)


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