Some Excuses from Students as to Why Their Projects Weren’t Ready Today

Long story short: my English III students had a project to do over the weekend. Here were some excuses I got from the ones who didn’t turn it in today.

Student 1: “I didn’t do the project.”
Me: “Why not?”
Student 1: “Well, I had other projects to do this weekend.”
Me: “So these other projects are more important than mine?”
Student 1: “No, I didn’t do them either.”

And then there was…

Me: “You don’t have your project today?”
Student 2: “Oh, we were supposed to do that?”

One student said he wasn’t able to get his writing done (he was to be writing about sobriety) because “it was one of [his] friend’s birthday…and, uh, things got out of hand. You know.”

And finally:

Me: “Why don’t you have your project done?”
Student 3: “Skyrim. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Also I had family in town. But mostly Skyrim.”
Me: Pause.
Students 3: “At least I’m honest, right?”


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