What I Experienced in Charleston: Lightning Round

  • Ate at a place called The Kickin’ Chicken twice in 24 hours. If you are ever in the more Southern of the Carolina’s, I recommend you find one and eat the sandwich named after the restaurant itself. But the band playing on Saturday night’s will be an hour behind schedule, FYI.
  • Discovered a hipsterish, unmarked, semi-secret karaoke bar above a pizza place downtown, which can only be reached by walking down a random narrow alley and then up a terrifying staircase, thanks to the internet. On Sundays the bar does karaoke that snubs more “popular” karaoke songs, and instead, encourages punk rock, forgotten 80’s pop, and Pixies. I wanted my crew to do a story on that, but minors are not allowed. Way to ruin it for everyone, non-adults.
  • Went to a great used bookstore called Blue Bicycle Books. There is a 16 year old cat that just lives there. And has lived there for 16 years.
  • Watched my production team (Chandler and Nick, again) attempt to parkour. Disaster.
  • Contemplated the meaning of the existence and if love is a real thing.
  • Got absolutely taken by a cabbie. Totally ripped off. But I was ignorant of reasonable prices for rides and had no idea. On the bright side: I wasn’t murdered.
  • Lost my white, cheap, $5 sunglasses somewhere in Charlietown. I’ve never been so heartbroken over the loss of something that costs less than a burger at Hardee’s.
  • Went to McDonald’s to use the internet because our hotel’s was out. And because I’m classy.
  • Ate Charleston Chew. Because I had to. And because I wish I could eat it every single day anyway.

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