“I Hate Sand…It’s so…Sandy.”

^This is a song written by myself and Brad Thomas about our experiences in Nawlins. Check ‘er out.

^This is a news feature about VOODOO history and magic and spirituality, and its significance in New Orleans. Honestly, really interesting. I was really happy to produce this with Chandler Reed and Nick Nutting.

This is our second night in Panama City Beach. We overcame some more intense technical difficulties, hopefully for good. Much like exploring the importance of Voodoo, the story I produced with Paige Moffis and Paulina Doran on day 1 of Panama City Beach (aka PCBD1) is about the significance of Henna tattoos in this area. And by “this area,” it turns out I mean “any ‘Spring Break town’.” We chatted with a very friendly Henna artist who was actually really insightful.

So, I’m OK with the beach. I think people make too big a deal about being at the beach. I think that the ocean is really pretty and overwhelming and cool, but then I play in the salty water and become permanently uncomfortable until I manage to remove every grain of sand from the most obscure areas of my body. I have sand in my ears that I have just given up on removing. That sand just lives in my ear now. It is a part of me.

I managed to read on the beach, which is something I only imagined that middle-aged women who read romance novels did. I am sure there are still better places for reading, like the library room in Beauty and the Beast, or on a college campus on a sunny day in a romcom, but the beach was pretty good.

Two members of our student staff make up half of a Springfield (MO) folk band called The Midwest Indies. They managed to book a show at a nifty coffee shop here in PCB and requested that I play banjo on a couple songs, which I was very happy to do. Here is a artsy clip of us doing “White Blank Page” by Mumford & Sons (shot by Rob Lyons).


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