Bourbon Outfitters

^This is the story my boys did yesterday. In case you were curious. Or aware that it existed.

Day 2 in New Orleans. Today I produced for two other students and we worked well together because we all have big noses. We wanted to know why there are so many voodoo shops in Nawlins, so we went asking around. We found a good-sounding one called Rev. Zombie’s Voodoo Shop. No cameras allowed, and they wouldn’t talk to us. They sent us to another shop. We wandered around and found it a few blocks down. They had the same policy: “No. Get away from us.” BUT they gave us direction to the Voodoo Museum of New Orleans. We got lost and then found it and met an incredibly nice woman named Linda. Nick Nutting, our reporter, explained our situation and Linda was more than happy to let us explore the place and actually tape video! The museum is just two rooms and a hallway essentially, but it is jam-packed full of stuff. Including, but not limited to:

  • A skeleton wearing a top hat with a cigar in his mouth.
  • 5 million pennies scattered among various altars.
  • Alligator heads on human bodies.
  • Voodoo dolls, and instructions on how to make/use them.
  • Creepy polaroid pictures of a voodoo ritual taking place.
  • A “zombie” whip, which is a whip over 100 years old meant to battle zombies in Haiti.
  • A map of Africa made of leather, which I wanted to steal and put in my house.

Muffuletta! Weird-looking, but delicious.

Chandler got some great footage and Nick interviewed the woman. We returned a few hours later, after I ate a Muffuletta: New Orleans’ signature sandwich (not be confused with Simba’s dad), and took a nap, to interview a real voodoo doctor who owns and raises multiple snakes, has “walked through fire” in Africa, was raised by generations of voodoo doctors and priests. He was an older, very knowledgeable, nice, soft spoken white guy. He let each of us hold his new baby African python. And let me tell you: I was very brave.

What else happened… I went to Urban Outfitters, which is a random chain store right in the middle of buildings and buildings of shops that are created and operated by Nawlins residents. Several of our students were there being cool. I didn’t really find anything, but someone did mistake me as an employee, which means I should probably tone down this “hip and cool” thing I have got going on. (In all seriousness, I don’t know how this mistake occurred, because I didn’t look cool in any way. I certainly wasn’t wearing anything cool, except for a pair of PF Flyers–the shoes that make you run faster and jump higher!–which are really, really cool.)

I found out they are filming a new Sylvester Stallone movie down the street from our hotel. I didn’t see Stallone, but some of our group did. I don’t know what the movie is (I thought I saw signs that said something about something called “Headshot”?) but I hope it is Expendables 2. Edit: The move is called “Headshot.”

I ate alligator at a restaurant. That was incredible. Tasted so much better than any of the other sea food I had. Words can’t describe. Another animal to mark off my master list of animals eaten (you’re next, polar bears!).

I killed giant Louisiana mosquito a few minutes ago and got blood all over my hand.

Tomorrow, we leave here and head to Panama City Beach, Florida. Food-wise, live music-wise, and amount of drunk people-wise, it has some major competition.

Also, here is a small but great portion of a solo from “Texas Flood” (by Stevie Ray Vaughn) as performed by BB King’s restaurant’s house band:


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