New Orleans is Sketchy

Right now all of the field producers, including myself, and including Coach Davis: Media God, are in one hotel room, on multiple MacBooks, trying to battle technical difficulties, such as slow hotel internet, editing footage that is too high of quality for some of our software, and other things I don’t want to talk about because it’s too soon, guys, it is just too soon.

Me made it to New Orleans today (“Nuhorlands,” “Nawlins,” “NAHleEEns”–however you want to say it) and it is a pretty interesting city. It is beautiful, has some of the nicest people, some of the most drunk and talkative people, has wizard men with white beards and pink hair who read Tarot cards, has things related to Voodoo, and has maybe the best jambalaya I’ve ever eaten. Today I worked on producing a feature by Brad Thomas and Brennan Wolf about what it means to live in “The Big Easy,” which will hopefully be on soon. (Spoiler: not as easy as you might think!)

But enough about Nerlens–we are here for another day, so I’ll have much more to say about the city after I’ve spent another 24 hours in it.

Coach just said, “I’m just a shell of a man.” Out of nowhere. Earlier tonight he muttered to himself, “I am making pudding out of poop.” This man is a living book of wise and out of context phrases.

I’ve decided when I don’t have something better/more important to do, and I don’t feel like reading or sleeping, I will sketch the members of the bus tour. My first sketch is Brad Thomas:

Brad Thomas in all his glory.

Not to pat myself on the back, but this sketch is startlingly accurate.



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