37 MORE Roller Derby Names that are Puns

It has been a little while since the last time I’ve updated my blog. This is due to performing and writing more stand-up, moving out one roommate and moving in another, reading, watching Netflix, and being all-around worthless. So I’m back after a short absence, and I want to give the readers what they want. Of the people who find my blog by online searches, most of them find me by searching about roller derby names and puns (although I had one that said “Cool satanic clothing”), so today I’m going to offer a new batch (which is also my third batch) of roller derby names that are puns!

Here are numbers 1-36, and here are numbers 37-74.

  • Punky Bruised her
  • Man Coulter
  • Scare-ya Palin, Sarah Slayin’, and Sarah Plain (the Sarah Palin-like triplets)
  • Mr. T Party
  • Calvin and Hobbles
  • Hairy Spice
  • Slayla Fleck
  • Jackie The Ripper
  • Jackal Onassis (stolen from Party Down)
  • Hermione Danger
  • Tom Boy George
  • Dead, Wrath, and Beyond
  • Reel Big Fishnets
  • Shreddy Roosevelt
  • Brutally Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Maims Taylor
  • Wheelma Flinstone
  • Ezra Pound (the girl version)
  • i Kneepad
  • Crisping Lover (a female burn victim who looks startlingly like Crispin Glover)
  • Skirt Cobain
  • Nurse Seuss
  • Hurtcules
  • Brute-iful
  • Harriet Creature Stowe
  • Tramp O’Lean (the skinny Irish tramp)
  • Liz Demon
  • Zora Neale Hurtsome
  • Lioness Richie
  • Hanna Solo
  • Cougar Mellencamp
  • Liv Savage
  • Broadzilla
  • Annie Skullivan
  • Miss Demeaner
Please support local roller derby and international puns. Happy 5th of July.

9 thoughts on “37 MORE Roller Derby Names that are Puns

  1. Man Coulter was instantly my favorite…

    …until I read Crisping Lover. Because it’s literally just his name with the “G” moved to the left hahahaha.

    You are wonderfully awesome, Snodzilla.

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  4. Love your lists. Keep it up!
    I borrowed a name from it with a slight twist and it became Cougar Mellentramp. Thanks for the idea!!!

  5. I was always compared to Punky when I was a girl and am currently looking for a Derby name since I am starting next week. Also, I am a nurse and love kitties. I love the Punky Bruised Her, but open to suggestions:) Thanks for your great blog!!

  6. Hey there I’m loving your list – I wonder if you could help with a derby name my name is mania, I’m a mother of two, a hairstylist and absolutely love fancy dress? Anything come to mind?

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