38 More Roller Derby Names (that are puns)

After watching some roller derby several weeks ago, I decided I wanted to start coming up with the hilarious, and usually pun-based names, which the roller girls adopt. And after writing 36 roller derby names of my own, I’ve decided to come up with a few more. Here is the more:

  • Shotgun Shel Silverstein
  • Dead Zeppelin
  • Jimmy Rage
  • John F-U Kennedy
  • Joan Assault
  • Bruce Campbelle
  • Beast Infection
  • Anne Brutally Frank
  • Tattoo-ine
  • Madame and Eve
  • Norman Clockwell
  • David Double-Cross
  • Space Jammer
  • Arrrrgh Kelly (The Pirate Roller Girl, named Kelly) 
  • Pulp Friction
  • Rue Pallbearer
  • Derby’s Dream Land
  • Paul Rude
  • Kenny Jihad
  • Broken Hart Crane
  • Alvin & The Chipped Tooth
  • Pterrordactyl
  • J.K. Rolling
  • Bethamphetamine
  • Aunt Arctica
  • Dr. Man-Hatin’
  • Trampion
  • Flesh Drive (the one who is violent, and is into data storage)
  • Stanley Tatucci
  • jamb of god
  • The Social Fishnetwork
  • George Squashington (also a good name for a pumpkin)
  • Mean Latifa
  • Jam-us Joplin
  • Mark Pain (aka SamuHell Clemens)
  • Roald Doll
  • Bob Killin’
  • Meat Loath (The vegan one)

3 thoughts on “38 More Roller Derby Names (that are puns)

  1. Nice names!! I just signed up for roller derby and this really helped me think of a pun! I love this website and will be sure to visit daily and leave comments very often. I will spread the site name :) thanks again!

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