Reading about Breakups when People are Getting Married.

Today, the Springfield-based blog, (the Ozarks’ “The Onion”), posted an article I wrote a while back here: HERE!

I wrote this maybe a month ago and submitted it around the same time (I had breakups on the brain I guess). But because of more topical articles, mine was pushed back, which is understandable and fine. In the past, when I have written articles for FCN, I’ve tried to be topical, and this time I was trying to focus on what is funny, common, relatable, and observable at just about any time of year. Hopefully I achieved that–being funny, I mean (though probably not, let’s be honest).

That the article is surfacing just now is interesting to me, though, because I’ve only recently realized how many college-aged friends I have who are engaged. It just seems weird. Even though I’m about to graduate and have a real grown-up job with a salary, I hardly feel like a grown-up–definitely not grown up enough to provide for myself and another person (I can’t even take care of a dog without it getting ill or secretly taking poops in my house). I mean, I barely remember to eat when I’m busy. I don’t even want to tell you how long I’ve gone without washing a pair of slacks. Are my pre-married friends more grown-up than me, even if they are one..two…four years younger? Can they really change their own oil and wash their hoodies without shrinking them?

I don’t know. And it isn’t fair to assume that remembering to buy toilet paper before one runs out makes one an adult, and that being an adult means one is ready to settle down with the person he or she likes a lot. I guess I’m just saying that I’m surprised what happens in my article isn’t the norm. And I’m happy that it isn’t because I’m very, very happy for my friends who are getting married (I know of eight couples who are getting married between May and August, and I will be attending, or be in, at least four of them–and a couple of them are older than me, actually). I would say more–you know, write a conclusion or something to make a big point, or tie everything together–but I need to go buy toilet paper.


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