We Still Like You Comes To Milwaukee/Bonus Chicago Show!

Hey trash humans! Chicago’s best storytelling show/party is going to be visiting Milwaukee for the first time this weekend on May 29th. If you’re in the area, make sure you come see us bring up some of MKE’s best comics to tell horrific tales of personal shame. Also, it’ll feature local favorite Dave Losso, who is GUEST HOSTING the show the following night.

Oh yeah, there’s another WSLY on the 30th. Back in Chicago at Brainstorm Comics (the normal location of Yeah Buddy Awesome Time comedy show) at 8:30. Both of these shows are totally free and totally BYOB and going to two We Still Like You’s in two nights will probably ruin your life and you should do it.



I’m Returning to Springfield MO Next Week

The wedding of my best friend and Social Dynamite-partner, Scott Kirchner (Maximum, iO Chicago), is bringing me back to my home town. I’ll be doing at least three shows while in town, and none of them are standup! Instead I’ll be doing We Still Like You (April 30, 9pm), returning to my literary improv team Use Your Words (May 1, 8pm), joining a cluster of random Chicago improvisers (May 1, 8:45 pm), and doing some variety stuff at Brice Johnson’s Cubix Rube show (May 1, 10pm).

Most of these shows will be free, if not all of them, so please come out and join us!


The Working It Podcast with Andy Boyle

Chicago comedian and writer Andy Boyle produces a fascinating podcast about how people make/have made their living. It’s all about jobs and careers and is called The Working It Podcast. He was nice enough to have me on to discuss my life as a Missourian, my [short-lived] career as a teacher, and my other random jobs I’ve had. It was a really fun chat and Andy does a great job, so I hope you’ll give my episode a listen, and also check out the whole catalog online!

One Leg and Two Shows

On Friday night…or, rather, Saturday morning, my leg was broken in a bicycle accident. I won’t go too into detail, but I will say that I’m lucky I only got as damaged as I did, and I’m keeping in high spirits. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to attend my shows in the upcoming weeks, but I think I’ll still be able to hobble around. So come watch me hobble to stage, lean against a stool to tell jokes, and then hobble away this week! Here is where you can find me!

Breakfast For Dinner at The Hideout in Chicago!

Breakfast For Dinner at The Hideout in Chicago!

The Attic at Chief O' Neill's in Chicago!

The Attic at Chief O’ Neill’s in Chicago!