I’m Returning to Springfield MO Next Week

The wedding of my best friend and Social Dynamite-partner, Scott Kirchner (Maximum, iO Chicago), is bringing me back to my home town. I’ll be doing at least three shows while in town, and none of them are standup! Instead I’ll be doing We Still Like You (April 30, 9pm), returning to my literary improv team Use Your Words (May 1, 8pm), joining a cluster of random Chicago improvisers (May 1, 8:45 pm), and doing some variety stuff at Brice Johnson’s Cubix Rube show (May 1, 10pm).

Most of these shows will be free, if not all of them, so please come out and join us!


The Working It Podcast with Andy Boyle

Chicago comedian and writer Andy Boyle produces a fascinating podcast about how people make/have made their living. It’s all about jobs and careers and is called The Working It Podcast. He was nice enough to have me on to discuss my life as a Missourian, my [short-lived] career as a teacher, and my other random jobs I’ve had. It was a really fun chat and Andy does a great job, so I hope you’ll give my episode a listen, and also check out the whole catalog online!

One Leg and Two Shows

On Friday night…or, rather, Saturday morning, my leg was broken in a bicycle accident. I won’t go too into detail, but I will say that I’m lucky I only got as damaged as I did, and I’m keeping in high spirits. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to attend my shows in the upcoming weeks, but I think I’ll still be able to hobble around. So come watch me hobble to stage, lean against a stool to tell jokes, and then hobble away this week! Here is where you can find me!

Breakfast For Dinner at The Hideout in Chicago!

Breakfast For Dinner at The Hideout in Chicago!

The Attic at Chief O' Neill's in Chicago!

The Attic at Chief O’ Neill’s in Chicago!

I’ll be HEADLINING Proxy Morons on 1/16

Proxy Morons is a weird show that has asked me to branch out several times over the last year, giving me reasons to do material less sincere or story-telly than I normally would.

Tomorrow is their anniversary show and I’m very proud to headline that show. They’ve asked me to do standup, play banjo, and basically do whatever I want. I hope you’ll come get vulnerable and weird at the same time with me. 7pm/Free.


January Shows

It’s a new year and it’s a happy one thus far! If you’d like to catch the remaining shows I have booked for January, here is where  you can see me do standup and comedic storytelling. *EDIT: MORE SHOWS ADDED!*

1/7 – GOD, SEX, AND DEATH @ Schuba’s Tavern

Chicago, IL

1/12 – Set To Scene @ iO Chicago
Chicago, IL

1/13 – Comics Of Steel @ Kryptonite
Rockford, IL

1/16 – [Headlining!] Proxy Morons @ Blokes & Birds
Chicago, IL

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Comatose in Kazakhstan

The following is the extended* edit of an essay I read at Chicago’s The Paper Machete, a live magazine which takes place every Saturday at 3pm at The Green Mill. I was lucky enough to be selected to read for the 12/20/14 edition of the show. My essay is based on something entirely real from that week’s news.

Just 445 km south of the nation’s capital, the village of Kalachi, Kazakhstan, has earned the nickname “Sleepy Hollow,” but not for the reason you think! Pumpkin-based murders are out; falling asleep mysteriously, suddenly, and seemingly for no reason whatsoever, is in!

That sounds insane, but you heard correctly: Residents and visitors of Kalachi, which has a population of fewer than 700 people, are spontaneously falling asleep. This, of course, is followed by falling down, being discovered and taken to a hospital, failing to be woken up by anything, and just as spontaneously waking up several days later without remembering anything. This occurs so often that those it effects are referred to as “sleepers,” and some villagers have started carrying packed bags with them in case they suddenly wake up somewhere else and in the future.

Involuntary sleep could strike anywhere—in one’s home, at work, at school. There are reports of children just “falling down in the streets,” which medically speaking, is pretty funny.

Don’t worry, though, no one has died from these somniferous surprises. Well except for maybe one guy, but not exactly from the sleep sickness. Locals fear that before the epidemic was regularly diagnosed, they may have at one point accidentally buried a sleeping old man. Which, whoa, that’s some Edgar Alan Poe shit. Do they not remember if he was breathing or not? Anyway, they are too spooked to go dig him up again.

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