An Open Letter To Holiday Inn

To Customer Care Representatives of the InterContinental Hotels Group, and others whom this may concern,

Good afternoon. Thank you in advance for reading this open letter. My name is Tyler Snodgrass and I am reaching out to you because last week I was sleeping in and keeping my belongings in a hotel room at the Soho Holiday Inn, located at 138 Lafayette St, New York City, NY 10013. Around a week ago, on Friday October 10th, room 701 was broken into and my MacBook Pro was stolen out of my backpack. I believe I’m entitled to some form of compensation in order to help me afford a new laptop.

In order to best demonstrate why the InterContinental Hotels Group does in fact owe me recompense, I will chronicle the events that occurred and the information that was obtained following my discovery of the burglary.

My friend Cody rented the hotel room in Soho and had given me one of the two room keys on Tuesday night. During my visit to New York City I was participating in some unscheduled couch-surfing at various friends’ apartments and sleeping in the hotel room when it was more convenient for me. I hadn’t slept at the Holiday Inn on the previous night, so at around 5:30pm on October 10th I dropped into room 701 to change clothes and grab some of my belongings before leaving again at around 6:05pm. Unfortunately, one of those belongings was not my barely-two-year-old MacBook Pro (13-inch screen, mid-2012, model A1278, 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of memory, 750GB of storage, originally priced at $1,499), because when Cody and I returned to the hotel room at around 4am I discovered that my computer was no longer in the room (neither was the charger). It had been stolen out of my backpack in the time while we were away, and nothing else had been taken as far as we could tell, but it was difficult to take inventory of our remaining belongings as Cody’s clothing had been rearranged within the drawers and all of my possessions were no longer tucked away inside of my backpack, but instead were sprawled across the floor in a collection of messy piles.

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I’m Doing Shows in New York

I’ll be doing shows in New York this week. Here is where you can see me if you live there.

10/7 – Creek Cave Live
The Creek and The Cave, NYC

10/8 – Tandem in NYC
Tandem Bar 236 Troutman st.

10/10 – Cobra Club in NYC
6 Wyckoff Ave (Jefferson Stop off the L Bushwick)
Doors @ 9pm, Show @ 9:30pm
doors 9pm. show 9:30 free

(more info coming soon)

10/13 – Sack Magic in NYC
Legion Bar

Cool Dad Podcast Episodes 7 and 8, And COOL DADS LIVE!

Cool stuff is happening in the Cool Dad universe! First of all, we have TWO new episodes for you (available on Sound Cloud and on iTunes)–the first features an interview with Joe Kwaczala, the host of Chicago’s best late night talk show, The Late Live Show. Since running the successful show in Chicago for several seasons at such venues as The Den Theatre and iO Chicago, Joe has become a producer of The Wheel Show at the Nerdist Theater in LA. And you’ll never believe this, but his DAD* WAS THERE TOO!

Episode 8 features a co-creator of We Still Like You, Chicago’s best and only story-telling show that is also a house party, Danii Gallegos. Right before she heads to Austin, TX, to start some new comedy- and non-comedy-related projects, we managed to sit down and have a chat with one of our best friends. And CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? HER REAL DAD** DROPPED IN!

One final Cool Dad Podcast promotion: Dan and I are excited to announce that we’ll be doing our first ever COOL DADS LIVE–a live version of the Cool Dad Podcast–at The Hungry Brain in Chicago this upcoming Thursday at 9:00 PM. It’s free and it’s going to be super fun. It will feature an interview with Marty DeRosa, one of Chicago’s best comics. He’s a producer of Chicago’s best standup showcase, Comedians You Should Know, and host of the incredible podcast, Wrestling With Depression. Don’t miss this!!

Art by Rudy Schulz

Art by Rudy Schulz

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Cool Dad Podcast Episode 6: Goodrich Gevaart!

Stoked to share the newest episode of The Cool Dad Podcast, which features an interview with Chicago comedian Goodrich Gevaart. Goodrich is one of the most likable and funny comics in Chicago, and is a producer of a ton of great things including the show Freak Happening (which takes place at SAKI record store in Chicago), the Arguments and Grievances Podcast, and The Comedy Exposition (a wonderful annual DIY standup festival). He tells us about his dad, who is real punk rock and very cool, and then–GET THIS–we surprised him by bringing his REAL DAD* into the studio!

*Katie McVay, one of Goodrich’s good friends and another great comic who spearheaded The Comedy Exposition of 2014 in Chicago.

Got Your Back

My first true encounter with The Skinny Improv was in a standup comedy competition called The Deadpan Comedy Festival, which took place in October of 2007. In 2006 my high school’s broadcast journalism class ran a story about the local improv theatre’s comedy contest. I only learned that this competition existed once it had already passed and I was watching the finished news story. I had performed standup exactly one time before—around eight months prior, at a speech and debate tournament in Joplin, Missouri, which allowed bastardized speech/debate events, such as “Group Improv” or “Original Standup Comedy,” which were not sanctioned by the National Forensic League and were therefore uncommonly found at tournaments—and I already had the itch. I decided I would be competing next year, and patiently waited for the following fall.

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Venice 2

This is my second day in Venice in my series of Italy Stories.

I awoke in Venice in just the same state that I had fallen asleep: nearly naked and sweaty. Kay and I left our hostel that morning in search of a nearby cafe to have breakfast and coffee.

We found a quaint cafe with outdoor seating in the shade. While we ate and drank we discussed the meanest things we’ve ever said or thought. Admittedly, this conversation seemed rather cruel and dark to be had by two adorable people drinking adorable cappuccinos first thing in the morning. But still we discussed the wickedest collection of words our minds had ever conceived, and we were all smiles. Continue reading

Comedy Shows 8/8-8/10

After narrowly defeating my own team in a strange improvised joke competition called SPIKED PUNCH, which takes place every Friday night at midnight at Comedy Sportz Chicago, I won my place in the semi-finals round. That competition takes place TONIGHT, and is at MIDNIGHT.

If you’d like more info, check out the link below! It’ll be fun, weird, and probably slightly offensive.

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Cool Dad Podcast Episode 4: Lara Beitz

A new episode of The Cool Dad Podcast is up on SoundCloud and on iTunes! This episode features Lara Beitz, a producer of Hoo HA Comedy in Chicago, IL. This episode is very different, and a little heavier, than our other episodes, but it is still great and still features (somehow) a visit from her HER REAL DAD!*

*hilarious comedian Mike Lebovitz, one of the Comedians You Should Know, and champion of going to faraway comedy festivals.